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Question: "Why don't you use "[anti-] social media" ?

This Is:

Other Texts & FAQs by Julian H. Stacey

  • No, I'm not on web private forums eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gulp etc.
  • No, Not everyone likes to use "[anti-] social media", aka web chatter forums.
  • No I'm not alone using mail lists, I am on maybe 100 mail lists that have lots of other people.
    One of my mail filters: www . berklix . com / ~jhs / dots / .procmailrc_lists
  • Yes, more people less technically skilled like click & fumble `[anti-] social' web forums.
  • Yes, lots don't want to learn mail lists or anything else either.
  • Yes, Most use Microsoft, No need to follow lemmings).
  • Yes, Mail lists can help exclude fumblers too lazy to think.
  • Yes that bar is low, known as I supported too many lazy incompetents on a small subset of mail lists.
  • Yes many technically highly competent friends like mail lists, & tend to avoid web forums that attract more newbies, & less skilled people.
  • Yes, Anonymous forums more often become ANTI-social, irresponsible, & trivial, Mail lists with a real personal sender addresses can tend to discourage some irresponsibility engenderd by anonimity; Though yes, there's occasional flame wars too on mail lists.
  • Yes, web forums may avoid spam by mail, But also usually anonymous webs have adverts and more noise from members, so forums are then censored by usually unpaid egotists to keep noise down.

The choice becomes noise from mail spam (that can be automaticaly filtered) or noise from anonymous forum members with less discipline, subject to censors.

  • I prefer noise from spam than forums, as I block almost all spam automatically. ( Despite my servers & my addresses are massively assailed by spammers, harvested from public archive sites with my addresses on, some un-obfuscated from era before spammers existed, + my domains + lists I'm on & run, (most especially all the MS PCs harvested by spammer viruses on certain clueless lists I run)
  • I avoid monopolists such as Microsoft Facebook Google etc trying to privatise the Internet & lock everyone in, so avoid using them. I'm a keen supporter of Open Source & Open Standards. Other supporters of Open Source & Standards in Munich include eg BIM & SFD & Linux & Gnu & other clubs.
  • I prefer Push (mail) To Pull (web) technology, eg I want my devices to be able to hold archives of messages to be read, without needing free instantaneous fast continuous internet connectivity.
  • BTW: Some domains such as offer a choice of mail lists & web forums: last I looked the web forums seemed less well informed than mail lists maybe 'cos newbies like the lack of commitment & learning of web forums.)

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