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Translator Sites - .de Uebersetzung - .fr Traduit by Julian Stacey

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Berklix .com & .eu & .net & .org & ~jhs

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Berklix .com & .eu & .net & .org & ~jhs

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List Of Free Translator Sites Wait for links to adverts. Does Not Take URLs unlike eg google, Can take apasted text, even Word .docx or PowerPoint .pptx
Some think better than google (said Andy of TT Curry, 2018-06, & Falk 2019-07 ) but I think I've seen google do better than Deepl - Maybe they leapfrog each other ? Or depends which direction ? Let me know Free, Real languages + An invented language. + adverts
  • 2017-09-21: They have half broken it, so Now omit leading http:// or https:// , then it will just accept base domain, then manually mouse copy the rest of the URL , or click down within the target site.
    Pre 2017-09-21:Used to accept URLs inc http:// https:// No mouse copy box. < 1,000 char.
    A full page translation service with URL.
  • PDF-1.4 built from scanned .tiff : Shows nothing except Page 1, Page 2, ...
    (Fair enough just means you need to run OCR (Optical Character Recognition) elsewhere first (For OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on FreeBSD I use macros + tesseract on
  • PDF-1.4 (eg built from groff tool chain : Translates OK
  • TIFF image data, little-endian, from scanner: Fails. Mouse copy box < 1,000 char. Powered by google Microsoft & Babylon Redirects from:
A full page translation service with URL. @ 2017-09-21 Only targets http:// not https:// so either r mouse copy text, or copy target text temporarily to some plain http:// server Redirects to bing Free + adverts. Free + adverts.
Spell Checker Tools These can help too, eg when this English author writes in German, he has not used translator engines till now (2019-07) (but will try deepl next), & often forgets to capitalise some nouns.
This command: "Aspell --lang=de check file" can fix that, (although Aspell lags behind modern German law, in still forcing eg 'ss' to sharf ess, which is obsolete according to German (but not Austrian & Swiss) law, & Aspell forces 2 byte Umlaut representation such as "ae" to single byte to looks like `ä', asserting 8th (parity) bit, which freaks some text tools such as mgdiff ).
Find Aspell here;
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Optical Character Recognition macros for BSD Makefile (To extract .tiff from .pdf, then .txt from .tiff, with eg:
make PDF_TO_TIFF_FORCE=YES file.tiff; make file.txt_g; rm file.tiff
then paste .txt into a translator engine.
More ? Mail me URLs (web refs)

How To Use Free Translator Server Sites

  • Reading Web Pages & Emails

    • Mouse copy or type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator = web address) of web page you want to read, to a translator site; Normally if you then click a link, it stays within the translator, translating the new page to your preferred language, handy of you are reading a mail archive.
    • OR Mouse copy blocks of text from an email, posting, forum or web page, to a text box on a translator site; handy if you type a posting in a foreign language, & want to translate it to English before posting to an international list.
  • International English Mail Lists

    • Rejecting Foreign Language Postings
      • Just post a reply, pointing to this (or a similar) page: If the foreign poster then remains too clueless or lazy to use it, that's their loss, but at least we've thrown a lifeline, if they will work to help themselves.
      • Don't post a reply just in foreign - it would exclude many readers. Most mail lists are archived on web, so write in English, & leave foreign poster to read replies via a translator web server.
    • Why Translate To English _Before_ Posting
      • Nearly all International Technical Mail Lists operate in English, particularly for free software, development & user mutual self support.
      • For many people on such lists, English is their second language not their first.
      • They all use English as a common medium for mutual self help.
      • It is an abuse to burden them with your third foreign language ! Example
      • The help they offer is voluntary & free.
      • Imagine the noise & disaster if all wrote in our own local languages ! It would kill the international lists & software projects.
      • Wildly inefficient for many on a list to struggle to post-translate from your local language to theirs.
      • Much more efficient if just You pre-translate from your language to English.
      • You want to benefit from advice from a global mail list operating in English, so do Your own work translating !
      • Use a free translator server !
      • Don't expect help otherwise!
      • Most or perhaps all of us Will ignore you if you use foreign non English on International lists.
      • If you are lucky, you might get someone telling you how to use a free translator & repost in English. Example
      • International list members know:
        • If we help you in one non English language, it will either encourage you to write more in your non English, either as personal mail or to list
        • It could encourage others in their other non English language to also dump foreign noise on the list.
        • If you can't write in (some sort of) English, you probably can't read manuals FAQs & replies in English with requests for more detailed info to solve your problem. You may not understand advice, & you'r probably beginner level, with basic problems: local help in local language is more appropriate.
        • Its not efficient for world class developers on international global lists to waste their time supporting foreign speaking beginners.
      • Leave people on International lists time free to deal with more technicly advanced development & support benefitting the global community of users, not individual foreign beginners, who should be helped more efficiently by other locals.
      • If you can not write English, AND you refuse to use a free translator, Do Not write to International mail lists. Instead find local national mail lists &/or city etc computer clubs & user groups operating in your local language.

Creating Web Pages

  • If you are making your personal web pages multi lingual for other to read, you'r obviously free & welcome to look at this page & learn the methods.
  • If you don't have time to do your company's whole web site you'll need mass automated translation, either bulk in advance or on browser demand. Ask a consultant, perhaps me, or another on the global geographic index of FreeBSD consultants.

Commercial Translation

  • Humans still do better translation than machines, as of writing 2018-11, but that will change with time & language & subject & application
  • The author has a range of friends who are commercial translators working in Munich Germany in various languages, he passes on leads / contacts free of charge.
  • Technical Translation, including embedding translated texts into computer programs, can be far more complex than normal translation, the author has experience of that since 1985 (translating a whole operating system into 7 European languages on 2 machine architectures), his company page is here.

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Author Julian Stacey

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