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JULIAN H. STACEY's Postal Address.

Ths is:

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Other contact info & maps.


(Other addresses not needed here).
Julian H. Stacey, Needed
   [ Tel 089 _____ / Fax _____ , ] Optional Note
Holz Str __-_, Needed Note
_____    Muenchen ( = Munich), Needed Note
   [ Bayern ( =, ] Optional Note
Deutschland ( = Germany), Needed
   [ Europe ]. Optional Note

Notes & Explanations On Address

  Optional: 089 _____ Telephone Number

Sometimes you might want to embed my phone number in my address, in case of unexpected delivery difficulties: Post/ Customs extra import tax), Delivery problems whatever. (Sometimes I do the same when sending stuff abroad, then even if the address is wrong, & it goes to a neighbour, that neighbour can easily phone correct recipient). ((Best not give full international +49 89 _____ as some locals (in every country) are too limited to recognise international phone numbers.

Needed: Holz Str

You may need to remove the space between Holz & Str before some deficient map services will work. (Germans often ram lots of words together, discarding all spaces, making it a lot harder to find seperate words in dictionaries. They call the resultant impediment to look up & learn words `proper' German grammer ;-) )

You'll need number in street, phone or email me for that.

Needed: München = Muenchen ( = Munich (English name))

Germans use a ü (U umlaut) to spell München, but for the rest of the world, clueless & uninteressted in Umlauts, dont just ignore those annoying dots (natural first tendency of English smiley face icon ), use the standard German convention of convention swapping "ü" for "ue".

Needed: _____ = Post Code = Post- Leit- Zahl

A Post code belongs where the "_____" bit is.
  • If you'r travelling to meet me, you don't usually need it.
  • If you've emailed me to arrange to post something, I'll have mailed you the postcode.
  • If you need the postcode, you can find it in other places or I'll tell you.
  • I don't give it here as identity theft fraud is increasingly common, let's make it just slightly harder for `them'. Not much admittedly, but if we all make data just a bit harder to harvest, (or even plant the odd bit of deliberately false info ?), it'll slow fraudsters down, (though not stop them).

Optional:   Bayern (Bavaria),

The German Post Office does Not require that you include ( Bayern (Bavaria),) but it does no harm, & I think it adds human information, (& also adds a failsafe fallback in case a digit get obfuscated ), (Just as I also appreciate seeing a full USA State name rather than some 2 letter mnemonic I probably do not know).

Optional: Europe

Sure most people know Germany is in Europe but there's probably a few in USA & other places too. After Paris Texas, nothing surprises ;-) & it gives me a place to hook to link to the EU web site which is an ever more important regulator of European business etc.

Posting goods

Posting goods to me from outside the European Union

Be aware that customs might hold the goods until I collect them & pay a fee, travelling to pay the fee in person is time consuming, & causes delay too, so to at least ensure I know the package is awaiting delivery, help the customs not have an excuse not to inform me its waiting, by embedding my phone number on the address, where they can't fail to see it.

Posting goods from me to you

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