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American `Cell Phone' = British `Mobile' = German `Handy' (Ugh!)

Mobile Often OFF Or Not Receiving !


  • I prefer people first use normal phone or email.
  • I see no benefit to un-necessary microwave radiation to brain via mobile in own office.
  • Avoiding mobiles allows a full size desk hand- set that can jam between head & shoulder, both hands free for computer, or to be able to switch to desk head set.
  • I don't want any SMSs !

Exception : After Payment For : Computer Consultancy Business

Company & personal policy is to NOT require consultants to make mobile numbers available, carry mobiles, leave on, accept calls, or check for missed calls or SMS, until ...

After Money Is Received (advance deposit/ partial payment on account, whatever). Sorry, but we've been in business long enough to know offers of work, promises, purchase orders, & contracts are nice, but Money Talks !


If your company is not in Munich & you have difficulty contacting me or other of my company's mobile consultants, Please note:
Numerous newer Munich offices occupied by computer, electronic & pharmaceutical industries etc, have thin metal film on windows. It blocks or degrades some mobile phone usage. It's purposes /effects might include:
  • To block solar gain, reduce air conditioning cost.
  • Visual privacy: Obstruct industrial espionage eg binoculars into conference rooms.
  • Electronic privacy: block RF transmissions from monitors (long supposedly a method of copying screens).
  • Block mobile phones, so employees don't chat on flat rate to relatives.
  • Block mobile phones, so business calls can't be monitored by competition with a base station.
  • Block mobile phones, so business lines can be monitored, including business calls from visiting suppliers to competitors.
  • Block mobile phone data links, to prevent disastrous internet firewall back door avoidance.
  • Look shiney/ modern to attract purchasers (office block purchase is very cyclical, many stood empty in 2006).
  • Mobile Phone & SMS Communication may not work reliably or at all (depending on single/dual band, location, provider).
  • Internet by company internal WiFI base station undoubtedly blocked by firewall etc.
  • Internet by WiFi to external LAN base station won't work unless perched by open window, & finding an insecure external adjacent WiFI base station.
  • Internet via GPRS & SIM card (if equipped) may not work reliably or at all (depending on single/dual band, location, provider).
  • Internet access for email &/or via http to remote server likely blocked by company firewall.
  • Don't be surprised if you find it difficult to contact my company's consultants visiting such buildings.
  • If such a building belongs to your customer, & my company's mobile consultants are visiting there on your behalf, if you need to make urgent contact, do it through your contact who is a registered permanent employee there, who has a terrestial phone line &/or firewall access for email.


I do NOT answer mobile phones while driving a car.
  • It's long been a criminal offence in Britain & then in Germany too. Punishable by
    • (Initially ?) 60 Euro fine in Germany
    • Points endorsed on driving licence in Flensburg
    • It doubtless counts as culpable for potentially heavy liability damages if there's an accident.
  • It's Dangerous & Immoral: I won't put pedestrians, other drivers, my passengers, or myself at risk for benefit of your business or pleasure.
  • I've never used a mobile phone when driving, even before it was a criminal offence.
  • As passenger: I rarely am, but keep it short, or talk at motorway stops/ car parks: Mobiles in cars transmit at higher power to defeat the partial Faraday Cage of the car. How much does one want to irradiate the brain just to chat on the phone ?
  • City Driving: Reports suggest hands free kits are distracting. I won't use one alone for city driving, It might possibly be OK for light rural traffic, but then I often have a passenger who can answer for me. My business trips tend to be short distance in heavy & aggressive Munich traffic, not safe for `hands free' verbal distraction.
  • Longer business trips: if driving my associates have my mobile & can answer. Be aware a metal car is a semi Faraday cage, mobiles automatically increase their microwave transmission power. Localised warming of brain cells occurs at normal power (to unknown effect). Not all adjacent passengers or driver want to radiate their brain faster than normal. Keep the call Short! If I want to call, I often stop the car to stretch for a brief break.
  • Petrol Stations: (American: Gas, German Benzin): Use Illegal. Radio Frequency pulsed energy could produce a spark Anyone who even leaves their phone powered up in pocket near the fuel nozzle during tanking is foolish, mobiles periodically poll for contact, & if your trouser leg is leaning on the Faraday cage of the bodywork while you fill up ... ? Some petrol stations ban mobiles Not because of RF but for rik of dropping them, & battery causing a spark.


  • Munich U-Bahn (City underground railway) : Phone use illegal. SMS legal
  • Munich S Bahn (suburban trains travelling further: mobiles allowed.
  • German National Trains: legal.
  • European Planes: Illegal to power on transmitter device, thus no acoustic mobile phone , no SMS, (even consulting eg calendar or calculator illegal, as phone will poll base stations).


SPORTS TRIPS: Cycling, Skiing, Mountain & Flat Land Walking, Wind Surfing

  • Cycling: I never answer a phone while cycling. It would be far too dangerous. I go Fast. By the time I've found a safe place to stop, & pulled phone out, you'll have hung up, I'll have wasted energy, & you'll have made me late[r] than maybe I already was, & I'll have become extremely hot for lack of air cooling.
  • Skiing: Similar for skiing, plus also there are some situations too perilous for self &/or others to pull out a mobile from a backpack even if stationary. Plenty of ski mountains I know where coverage doesn't work half the time.
  • Mountain walking, it depends, sometimes not convenient/ safe.
  • Flat land group walking trips I can usually receive a call most of time (but not call out so easily, squinting at small screen is a great way to trip over rocks, else need to stop & lose group ahead, or if leading a group, inconvenience them all by stopping for you!
  • Wind Surfing Trips: Even when on dry land, mobile may be in locked car, car key buried under trapeze under wet suit. Little chance!

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