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Election Results 2001

To: gea@bim
cc: sue.turner@gmx
Subject: GEA Election Results for Fri 9th Mar 2001 Enclosed
From: "Julian H. Stacey" jhs@jhs.muc
Organization: Vector Systems Ltd - Munich Unix & Internet consultancy

People on list gea@bim
+ Sue (not on this list, private mail me Sue if you want to be added to list).

Robert Gotsell (Balloting Officer): opened the ballot @ 21:00.

I negotiated a written agreement with Sue by perhaps 21:20 or 30,
  I Sue Turner, GEA Returning Officer for 09.03.2001 will publicly announce
  the numeric election results at the Stammtisch.  I Julian H. Stacey accept
  Sue's appointment of me as Counting Officer for 09.03.2001 on condition I
  am permitted by Sue to post election numeric results on GEA mailing lists.

Signed on, there remained plenty of time before 23:00, for me to recruit
counters, & do the weekly event announcements about 22:20 (we wanted a non
candidate to do the announcements before close of ballot, & Sue, 1st choice
for announcements as Returning Officer, didn't fancy generating the volume
needed for the crowd). I also announced I thought the count would probably
take 30 to 40 minutes from 23:00 to 23:30 or 23:40, a too optimistic under
estimate as it turned out (times noted so whoever does it next year has the

Robert closed the ballot at 23:00.  After assembling counters, we escorted
the ballot box upstairs to the counting table, sorted ballots & started

Sue (downstairs) sometime shortly after midnight, saw last people were
leaving, while we (upstairs) were still finalising totals, so after a rough
check with counters, announced people elected, (albeit without numeric results
being yet available for her to read out).

By maybe 00:15 we were finished.  I apologise both to the electorate in
general, & Sue in particular for keeping you & her waiting, but there were
discrepancies, (there usually are in election counts), that we needed to
resolve, & it took longer than hoped.

    35 Agnieszka Domanska
    34 Darryly Baptiste
    32 Gwyn Evans
    36 Jacqui Martin
    32 Joe Reale
    52 Klaus Neubauer
    54 Lawrence Jones
    28 Pat Schmidhuber
    52 Torsten Schramseis
    41 Willi Brandt
I signed, & Richard countersigned, 3 copies of these numeric results,
& delivered one to each of Sue, Richard, & Julian. 

Sue Turner has or will formally announce who is elected, (& presumably will
privately advise those elected where they might meet, & how they might
internally elect a committee chair etc.) Sue, perhaps you might announce
results next Fri, if you want ?  nice for those who don't have email, & and
had gone home this week.

Disposal of Ballot Papers & Tally Sheets:
  Richard was given 9 intermediate count tally sheets, & possibly a
  supplemetary master tally sheet, Julian kept 3 the master tally sheets,
  Sue was given the ballot box, all ballots & spare blanks, & possibly a 2nd
  supplementary tally sheet from Ute in the box.  Ballot sheets & box were
  returned to Sue.

  Many thanks to my volunteer counters: Richard Gipps, Owen, Roger Swainton,
  Ute Becker, Derek King, Isabelle Jarczyk, & my volunteer Observer turned
  totals checker Roland Fischer, for their hard work, & willing cross
  checking/correction etc.  Thanks too to Sue for suggestions for counters,
  & thanks to Robert as Ballot Officer (even though of course, it's not really
  my place to say that, as Robert, & I were colleagues responsible to Sue,
  so it's really her privelege to thank Robert, but I guess I'll be forgiven
  (not least 'cos Sue's announcement will probably go to the yahoo mail list,
  which has some different people, & if all else are being thanked here, so
  too should Robert be :-)

Improvements we might make to speed up next year's count:
  Starting the count at 23:00 is problematic:  All the counters worked hard,
  but it still took a long time, in the past we used to ballot from 20:00 to
  22:00 & return results before midnight, but barmaid Manuela these days
  opens later & closes earlier, mostly because there's less drinking trade
  these years.  Perhaps next year whoever is in charge can tell Manuela we
  always get lots more people on Election night, so it'd be worth her opening
  earlier that night, perhaps at 20:00 or 20:30, which would help us close
  the ballot sooner.  Once arranged with Manuela, we should print the earlier
  arrangement in the programme & mail lists, Pre assembling counters at ballot
  box, ready to go, just before close of ballot, would save at least 5
  minutes.  Assembling counters upstairs, pre-preparing tally sheets,
  explaining procedure to counters, & even doing a partial dummy run, all
  before close of ballot, would save even more time.

Re Sue's previous mail
    ] From sue.turner@gmx Fri Mar  9 09:36:32 2001
    ] Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 08:46:14 +0100 (MET)
    ] From: sue.turner@gmx
    ] To: jhs@jhs.muc
    ] Cc: gea@yahoo
    ] Message-ID:
    ] Dear Julian,
    ] I was amazed  ...
  that I copied verbatim to this list gea@bim (as it had not come
  through on the gea@yahoo list):  It was not a failure of the yahoo computer
  to forward, Lawrence told me he decided not to approve Sue's post to that
  list, [for reasons I'm too tired to avoid risking misquoting, so he (a
  member of this gea@bim list) can discuss it with Sue & or others,
  privately or on this or some other list, or not, as they see fit.

  [ gea@bim remains instant relay, no human moderator, only people 
  who will get a late copy are those subscribed to the private sub section of
  gea@bim that additionaly relays through my personal @jhs.muc ]

Apologies if this posting is ragged, (it's late at night), but having
failed to deliver results in time for Sue & electorate Fri. night,
at least those on email can have results for Saturday breakfast :-)
Julian H. Stacey     Unix Consultant - Munich Germany

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