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Guy Fawkes Night

Country- side, Bonfire building, Meal, Bonfire Burning, Glüwein & Food etc


This page is a General Description to give an approximate idea of what we do / have done over the years. Detail change each year. (In 2006 & 2007 No fireworks. 2008

Info For Public

Kept in simple non glitz format for easy copying to mail list.
In chronological order.

The annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire occurs on a weekend near November 5th each year.

Car sharing to get there: Whether you are a driver with spare capacity, or a passenger needing a lift, please stop by the collection point to offer or get a lift. Different years we use a different single point, usually one of:

  • 2007: 13:30 Outside the back entrance of Stammtisch (less traffic than Arnulf Str
  • Outside the Arnulf Str Stammtisch
  • Schied- Platz U Bahn typically at 13:00 or 14:00, Perhaps opposite the U-Bahn and tram station, by the escalator exit to Parzival Stra\xdfe (East side of Belgrad str heading north). Park platz Ecke Parzival str. U2, Restaurant Pavillion. Whatever - pedestrians must be well in view of drivers heading North !
  • Check This year's info.


Dress in old clothes & waterproof or walking boots, & join us to remove surplus firewood from the adjacent woods (as usual) to make the fire. Guy Fawkes will attend the flaming Pyre, usually supervised by Roger H. (for 2004 Julian S). Bring a good torch & old gloves for dragging wood. A spare set of clean gloves & dry socks is not a bad idea for later.

Arriving by car:

drive much slower at end of road, watch out for wood dragers staggering out of the forest with heavy loads of wood, give them priority (They are already Working for your bonfire enjoyment, some carrying heavy weight & you are Late &/or lazy so give way & give them priority !)

Bonfire building:

For the fire, only bring old dead branches out of the wood. Not pre cut logs the forest owner wants to sell. (If you carry them out: You can carry them back again ! Don't bring your painted window frames with nails (& worse, glass) in, or glossy magazines. It does not burn completely, & leaves a mess. It won't do the cows stomaches any good grazing later. Dump your rubbish at the (Wert- Stoff- Hof =) tip instead.


After building the fire, as the light fades, We adjourn from the field by 17:00 or so (ask at tent for times). We sometimes use the nearby Gaststätte up the dead end road: (open in 2007), but some years they're closed If closed, the tenant operator (=Pachter) is sometimes prevailed on by the real landlord )owner of the land) to unlock the external toilets there's also more dark woods up there.

For 2004, tent staff & fire builders had a table (not a room) booked at Grossman, Ampermoching, but 150 people can't squeeze on 1 table ! .. Some years we've also gone to Gast Haus Zur Linde in Schoenbrunn. in 2006 there was a free bus to Gaststätte.

Back To Field
Normally we will be back on the field before 19:00 (ask at tent for times or see This year's info. ready for Fireworks (If there are any, not in 2006 & 2007.


Fireworks (if any) are controlled by the team, independent fireworks are Not Allowed, if you must bring your own, Please hand them to organisers early in the day, or be invited to Leave Immediately :-)

Do Not arrive late, as your headlights spoil the firework display (if we're doing one).

No sparklers (`wunder kerzen') because they get hot, get dropped, get eaten by cows later, the vet gets called, the farmer complains to the landlord, & we worry about a bill or not being allowed back. Yes a cow has tried eating a sparkler already. ....

Fire Starts, & Tent Opens

Fire is lit as fireworks end.

Tent generally opens after fireworks, or suspends work while fireworks are on. (Tent staff like to watch fireworks too, not work through fireworks display.

Down on the field after bonfire is going, we sell food & drink eg Glüwein (usually with & without alcohol (ask), & fruit juice, soup, cake, sausage rolls etc.

Warning We do our best to be safe, but fireworks & fires etc are intrinsically dangerous, COME AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Any contribution you make to firework costs is voluntary. BE WARNED: Participation is at your own risk, we're not insured. Please look after any & all kids, not just your own kids. Leave your dogs at home.


We welcome offers of assistance, please talk to the organisers. We can use offers of help ranging from weeks before, during & for day after. Those who come back Sunday to help clear up are very much appreciated, & thanked/ rewarded appropriately (ask at the tent what the reward is).


By Car

Munich Centre North West Direction Dachauer Strasse ( 304 ) Cross (bridge) over the A99 Motorway At entrance of Karlsfeld Village Dachauer Strasse becomes Münchner Strasse Turn right into Bajuwaren Strasse : Direction : Dachau Ost/ Gedenkstätte/ Freising Cross (bridge) over the 471 Straight Across Schleissheimer Strasse/ Dachauer Strasse into Alte Römerstrasse (you are now in Dachau Ost) Follow until Junction with Münchner/ Freisinger Strasse (2339) Turn right on to it and follow road Drive through Hebertshausen Drive through Ampermoching Till Lotzbach. In Lotzbach, at roundabout, take 3rd exit Schönbrunner Strasse Along Schönbrunner Strasse, 500 meters, Turn Left, to Mariabrunn (Lane).

By Public Transport

Take S Bahn direction Petershausen. Get off train at Röhrmoos ( one station after Dachau)

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Type in
Mariabrunn (Rohrmoos) (Röhrmoos
Mariabrunn (Hallbergmoos)

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