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by Julian Stacey

Odd Notes from just a couple of numerous lectures at symposium 2015-03-25, at, Notes written 2015-04-24.

Lectures were all in German, I may have missed bits or possibly mis-understood, so if anything wrong: apologies, corrections welcome. Generaly, transcripts in later PDF didnt seem to be offered.
My comments are marked with JHS:.....
  • 2015-03-25: Generalmajor Thomas Franz, Commander NATO CIS Group, Deputy Chief Of Staff CIS & Cyber Defence: "Hybrid Warfare & Cyber Defence" - 11:15-11:45

    • Interesting talk:
    • Online purchases of exploits tend to be cheap & readily available.
    • Nato largely tends to protect just itself. JHS: Impication: rest should look after themselves
    • Average zero day time to fix: 230 days.
    • Most threats come from/to PD [source?] based.
    • JHS: I didnt stand up & mention it, but my first hand experience of zero day exploits are:
  • Workshop 1: "Dronenabwehr - mot Jamming & Spoofing" - Day 2, 11:00-13:00 - Prof Dr Harald Görl (30m), Prof Dr Berthold Lanki (5m) Prof Dr Andreas Knopp (60m)

    • DSI S900 Multicopter 3-4 Kg Ld
    • < 500g = Haftpflicht Versicherung, 0.5 - 5 Kg, 5Kg - 25 Kg, > 25 Kg criminal
    • 3 pole motor, no neutral.
    • Prof Görl did the Smart phone workshop last year that I also attended.
    • (As last year), we conclude tangible dangers exist.

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